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What Do Sturgeon Eat?

Several freshwater settings and estuaries around the world, particularly in North America, are home to the sturgeon, a group of ancient fish species.

Sturgeon feeding

These intriguing fish are treasured for their roe, which is used to make caviar, and are a common source of food for people.

What do sturgeon eat in the wild, though? We’ll examine these fish species’ eating practices and diets in more detail in this post.

The Diet of Sturgeon

Since sturgeon are omnivores, they will consume nearly everything that will fit in their mouths.

swimming sturgeon in the nature

Small fish, fish eggs, insects, worms, and plant materials make up the majority of their food.

Some sturgeon species, like the Atlantic sturgeon, also consume clams and other creatures that live on the ocean floor.

How Do Sturgeon Hunt Their Prey?

Sturgeon are known to feed by sucking in water with their powerful snouts and searching for food with their sensitive barbels.

They then use their gills to filter the water, catching any floating food.

Some sturgeon species, like the beluga sturgeon, also catch their prey by trapping it in their mouths with the help of their bony plates.

What is the Main Source of Food for Sturgeon?

Depending on the species and the region, several foods make up the primary diet of sturgeon.

beluga sturgeon white belly upper body color

As an illustration, the lake sturgeon, which lives in freshwater areas like lakes and rivers, feeds mostly on other fish and their eggs.

The Atlantic sturgeon, on the other hand, consumes a range of prey, including insects, tiny fish, and dead fish, and is located along the Atlantic coast.

Why Are Sturgeon Important for Ecosystems?

Sturgeon are crucial to freshwater environments.

beluga sturgeon ten feet portrait length view

They act as a food supply for people and other animals and aid in regulating the populations of other fish species.

But several sturgeon species have had population declines, including the Atlantic sturgeon, which is currently regarded as a vulnerable species, as a result of overfishing and habitat degradation.


Finally, sturgeon are fascinating fish that are coveted for their distinct food and eating style.

They are essential to keeping the balance of freshwater environments, whether they are consuming small fish, insects, or plant matter.

Consider the extraordinary journey each sturgeon took to get there the next time you’re in the fish store.

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