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Can You Eat Sturgeon and How Does It Taste? 

A northern hemisphere species, sturgeon encompasses 27 species that have a long history and evolution, dating to over 200 million years ago. You might be wondering, can you eat sturgeon?

sturgeon fish

Some species are saltwater fish, while others are only found in freshwater rivers and lakes. However, all species spawn in fresh water.

Their long silver and grey bodies, spikey and triangular fins, and long noses give them a menacing appearance that resembles a cross between a shark and a swordfish. 

Sturgeon have long been fished for their meat and delicious roe, which we all know as caviar. Below, you can read about how you can eat sturgeon, its taste, and cooking methods to showcase its flavor.

Do People Eat Sturgeon and Are Safe?

People eat sturgeon as a prized delicacy in many countries. During the time of British and European monarchs, sturgeon caviar was considered royal fare.

Sturgeon fish cooking process

Caviar remains one of the most expensive types of seafood on the market.

Unfortunately, they’ve been overfished and are now an endangered species, with many countries punishing the sale of caviar and sturgeon fishing.

The most famous and sought-after species of sturgeon is the Beluga sturgeon, but it’s also one of the most endangered sturgeon species.

While their meat isn’t as famous as their roe, it is safe to eat sturgeon meat and highly recommended if you can find it. 

What Does It Taste Like?

Sturgeon caviar is the classic black roe you see in feasts for the rich and famous or at fine dining restaurants. It has a very salty, fishy taste that’s often paired with high-quality vodka. 

Grilled sturgeon steaks

Sturgeon meat is a white, flakey filet with a firm texture akin to chicken breast. It has a mild and delicate flavor.

Can You Eat Sturgeon Raw?

Many argue that the best way to eat sturgeon is raw. Its firm texture and delicate flavor make it the perfect raw meat for sashimi plates. 

As with any raw fish preparation, you must ensure freshness and cleanliness to avoid bacterial poisoning. Sturgeon are very high-quality fish, making them the perfect candidates for raw consumption. 

How To Cook Sturgeon

If you’re looking for caviar or sashimi, no cooking is needed. Sturgeon has a wonderful flavor and texture that needs little embellishment. The best cooking methods are simple pan frying, searing, baking, or grilling. 

Pan with frying sturgeon fish

That said, you can boil and poach sturgeon as well. It tastes wonderful alone, but it also pairs well with any sauce or puree.

Fish fillets are thick like steaks and a real treat to enjoy at home or a restaurant.

It is of utmost importance to ensure that the sturgeon you order at a restaurant or purchase is responsibly and ecologically sourced.

Many efforts to recover endangered populations are ongoing, but there’s still illegal poaching and black-market caviar 

Sturgeon Recipes

A quick google search reveals a wealth of sturgeon recipes, some more elaborate than others. The sturgeon’s high-quality meat is easy to cook and tastes wonderful with a broad range of flavoring agents.

Slices of fried in flour sturgeon served with lemon and olives

The simplest and most delicious way to cook sturgeon is by pan-searing the steaks. You can follow this recipe.

Is It Safe To Eat Sturgeon?

It is safe to eat sturgeon for both their meat and their roe. Whether it’s ethical is in the eye of the beholder, sturgeons are prehistoric fish that have been a sought-after meal since the dawn of human civilization.

Their meat and roe are harvested in most northern countries. If you can find them from a sustainable source, sturgeon are a wonderful culinary ingredient. 

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  • Sashimi grade fish has been deep frozen to kill pathogens and parasites. I think you are not supposed to eat raw fish without achieving forty below zero first. Might want to look into that.