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Scientists Stunned By Underwater Pyramid Discovered Near Portugal

rendering of an underwater pyramid

In the midst of the Azorean archipelago, between São Miguel and Terceira, an intriguing submerged structure resembling a pyramid has captured attention. Initial assessments indicate the construct is highly symmetrical and aligns with cardinal directions, characteristics lending credence to the possible hand of intelligent design. Utilizing GPS digital technology, its height is measured at approximately 60 meters, with a base covering 8,000 square meters. The Portuguese Hydrographic Institute is rigorously assessing this information to confirm if the formation is indeed the product of human ingenuity.

The discovery of this submerged pyramid engenders a host of questions concerning the region’s history and the extent of ancient civilizations. It lies in an area of the Atlantic that submerged around 20,000 years ago—coinciding with the waning of the last Ice Age. Such a timeline suggests the possibility of human involvement predating the Ice Age’s culmination.

Researchers from the Portuguese Association of Archaeological Research, investigating signs of ancient human activity on Pico Island, support the notion that the Azores were inhabited well before the Portuguese navigators made landfall. However, direct connections to the submerged structure and evidence supporting human habitation remain elusive. Enigmatic rock art discovered on the islands only deepens the mystery.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), active in volcanic activity studies within the vicinity of the submerged pyramid, has yet to publicly report this discovery. Speculation arises as to whether this finding has previously gone unnoticed, is being withheld, or if alternative explanations could rationalize its origins.

As the Portuguese Navy continues to probe the anomaly, there’s a growing fascination about the origins of this submerged enigma. Could this structure be an ancient landmark or a natural phenomenon? As global interest in this potential historical marvel rises, it remains seen what secrets the depths of the Atlantic hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated Age of the Azores Submerged Pyramid

Estimations suggest that the submerged pyramid structure found in the Azores may be several millennia old, though the exact age is still a matter of research and debate.

Importance of the Azores Subaquatic Formation

The underwater formation in the Azores is significant because it deepens our understanding of ancient civilizations and their capabilities, especially in seafaring and constructing monumental structures.

Worldwide Existence of Similar Submerged Pyramids

Yes, similar structures have been identified in various locations across the globe, hinting at a more widespread phenomenon of pyramid building in ancient times.

Hypotheses Surrounding the Azores Pyramid’s Function

Several theories have been proposed regarding the function of the Azores underwater pyramid, including its use as a ceremonial platform, a navigational aid for ancient mariners, or a territorial marker.

Location of the Underwater Pyramid within the Azores

The underwater pyramid was discovered near the Azorean island of Terceira, adding a new layer of interest to this historically rich archipelago.

Contribution to the Atlantis Myth

The discovery of the Azores pyramid has sparked discussions on its potential link to the Atlantis narrative, fueling speculations that such structures could be remnants of the legendary sunken civilization.

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