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Can You Eat Coconut Crabs? 

Coconut crabs are a large species of crab existing in the islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans. They are impressive animals because they can grow to 9 pounds. As one of the largest crabs in the world, many people want to know if they are edible.

The coconut crab

Like many other kinds of crabs, coconut crabs are not only edible but are considered a delicacy in the island nations.

They taste much like other forms of shellfish, such as crabs and lobsters. Unfortunately, they have been hunted so much that they are now an endangered species.

However, many people still hunt them for their meat regardless of being illegal.

Safety Concerns for Eating Coconut Crab

Coconut crab roast in Guam

People eat coconut crabs because they are so large that several can be fed from one of them. Many species of crabs are only good for their legs, but coconut crabs have a lot of meat.

And the eggs found inside the female are considered to be the best part.

Eating coconut crabs is safe as long as you do not have an allergy to shellfish. They have the same dietary issues as other crabs.

Eating coconut crabs is very popular in some island nations, even though we have hunted them nearly to extinction.


If you have ever tried snow crab legs or lobster, you have tasted meat with a similar taste to coconut crab. They taste similar to other shellfish but with more meat in them. Some people describe them as tasting creamy, like peanut butter.

Raw Coconut Crab

Coconut crab

Coconut crabs are not toxic, but as with other shellfish, it is advisable to cook them thoroughly before eating. There may be toxins in their meat after they eat some plants, but cooking should remove most of those.

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