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Billions of Snow Crabs Starved to Death in Alaska

Billions of snow crabs have mysteriously vanished off the coast of Alaska, with researchers now confirming that they starved to death due to a lack of food.

a snow crab underwater

This unprecedented event has alarmed marine biologists and climate scientists, who are warning that it may be a harbinger of even more catastrophic changes to come as the world’s oceans continue to warm.

In this article, we will explore the causes and implications of this mass die-off, and what it may mean for the future of our planet.

Investigating Snow Crab Decline

a snow crab underwater

In recent years, billions of snow crabs vanished from the waters off Alaska, instigating research by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries to discover the cause of this dramatic decline in population.

Various factors such as targeted fishing, bycatch in commercial trawls, cannibalism, predation, disease, and increased temperatures were considered, but ultimately, starvation and the 2018-2019 marine heatwave were identified as the primary culprits.

The Starvation Factor

opilio crab chionoecetes opilio at ocean floor bottom

As the marine heatwave raised ocean temperatures, the metabolism of snow crabs increased, leading to a heightened need for food. The available habitat for these crabs also shrunk, leaving them with less area to forage for sustenance.

The combined effect of these factors is believed to have caused the unprecedented population decline, with similarities observed in the Pacific cod die-off in 2016.

Adapting Fisheries Management

snow crab fishermen hauling in a pot of snow crabs

With the looming threat of continued warming conditions and marine heatwaves, resource managers are urged to promote diversification within the fishing industry. Timely data and research, as well as near-term and future projections, can assist managers and fishers in anticipating and planning for a shifting environment.

As historical population dynamics may no longer be a reliable predictor, new management tools should be explored.

The Connection Between Snow Crabs and Humans

a snow crab on the ocean floor with its claw extended

The decline of snow crabs serves as a warning of the potential consequences of climate change on various species, including humans. As average global temperatures rise and food production is impacted by extreme weather events, the delicate balance of ecosystems and habitats is disrupted, posing threats to the survival of multiple species.

Adapting to such changes may not be as simple as some may suggest, making it crucial to act responsibly and preserve the environment for current and future generations.

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