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Can You Eat Whale and How Does It Taste?

Have you ever wondered, Can you eat a whale? How would it taste?

A Baby Humpback Whale Plays Near the Surface in Blue Water

Whale meat has been ingested for centuries in many cultures and was once believed to have magical properties.

However, in some areas of the world, eating whales is now prohibited due to conservation and public opinion.

This article explores what it is like to eat a whale, including taste, health factors, recipes, and more.

Let’s get started with exploring our ocean’s giant creatures – one bite at a time!

Do People Eat Whale and Is It Safe?

The question of whether it is safe to eat whale has been a contentious one for some time.

Whale meat at the market
Whale meat at the market

Generally speaking, experts say that if whale meat is sourced and prepared correctly, it can be perfectly safe to consume. However, pregnant women should steer clear due to the abundance of heavy metals and toxins like mercury in their bodies.

Additionally, this is an ethical grey area given the protection of many species of whales. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to assess their situation and make the best decision regarding consumption.

It is helpful to research information before consuming any whale meat because there are risks involved with disregarding safety protocols.

What Does It Taste Like?

sliced medium rare cooked whale meat stake wooden table

The taste of whale meat is often described as similar to fish or poultry, though some have noted it has a bit of an earthy aftertaste.

Whale meat doesn’t have a strong odor, and the flavor varies depending on the kind of fat content. Leaner whales can have a more mild flavor, while those with higher fat content can be much gamier.

Can You Eat Whale Raw?

Eating whale meat raw is a practice that dates back centuries in some cultures, such as Japan’s famous sushi culture.

Whale Sashimi
Whale Sashimi

Today, however, eating any raw mammal can be dangerous as it may contain harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause illness.

In addition, consuming whale meat carries potential health risks due to its high mercury content.

That said, some cultures still consume whale meat uncooked by salting, curing, or fermenting it instead of directly eating it raw.

How To Cook Whale

There are several cooking methods used to cook whale meat. You can start by selecting a fresh whale, typically sold frozen.

whale steak with tomatoes and currant at the lofoten islands in Norway
whale steak with tomatoes and currant at the lofoten islands in Norway

To thaw it, either leave it in the refrigerator overnight or submerge it in cold water before cooking.

Season the whale according to your tastes and preferences and cook it simmering in briny broth until tender – usually around four hours.

If you desire an oven-roasted finish, preheat your oven to 375 degrees and cook the whale for an additional thirty minutes while occasionally basting with cooking liquid.

Most importantly, remember to serve cooked whale immediately once done!

Whale Recipes

Many cultures to this day eat whale meat as a traditional sacred dish. One of the most popular cultures is the Japanese.

Harihari-nabe(whale stew)
Harihari-nabe(whale stew)

Japanese people have many popular recipes that include raw and cooked whale, one being named Harihari nabe, a type of hot pot.

To enhance the flavor many recipes suggest marinating the meat in sauces before cooking to add additional flavor.

Is It Safe To Eat Whale?

Can you eat whale meat? Yes, whale meat has long been considered a delicacy in many countries worldwide.

In most of the world, killing whales is unacceptable and in places, illegal.

While whale meat is generally safe to consume when appropriately prepared, it still may contain harmful toxins like mercury.

Therefore, whale meat should not be consumed in abundance and should come from a reputable seller.

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