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Can You Eat Squid and How Does It Taste? 

Squid is a type of mollusk that include various species. All share a soft, elongated body with long tentacles and eight arms.

squid for swordfish to eat prey

Squid species are widespread, open-ocean animals that inhabit nearly every ocean.

Known for their ability to camouflage, change color, and eject jet-black ink, squid have been a constant fixture in cultural lore since the onset of civilizations. 

Do People Eat Squid and Is It Safe?

Due to its widespread availability, people all over the world eat squid. Commercial fisheries catch millions of tons of squid each year, encompassing seven different species. 


Squid is a great source of lean protein and other important nutrients like zinc, Vitamin B12, and riboflavin.

It is safe to eat every part of the squid, and most cultures eat everything but the head.

Unlike many seafood species, where you must discard the skeleton and guts, squid are some of the cleanest, zero-waste seafood ingredients.

The biggest consumer of squid is Japan, with the Mediterranean and American East Coast coming in second and third. 

What Does It Taste Like?

Squid is less about taste and more about texture. Squid has a mildly sweet taste with no hint of fishiness or brininess.

Its meaty, chewy texture is what makes squid most appealing. Cooking squid helps tenderize the meat.

You can also eat the ink, which tastes more like the ocean, and dye anything you mix it with jet black.

Can You Eat Squid Raw?

You can eat squid raw. The Japanese are the biggest enthusiasts of raw squid, using fresh squid meat as sashimi to eat atop sushi rice.

Caribbean Reef Squid

They also use raw squid strips to mix with vermicelli noodles.

Raw squid is much chewier and tougher than cooked squid, but you can tenderize it with an acidic marinade.

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