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Can You Eat Jack Crevalle?

Jack Crevalles, also known as Common Jacks, are one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Their body is a mixture of blue and green on top, with yellow and white under the belly, sporting a black spot on the gills and pectoral fin.

a jack crevalle swimming underwater

They swim in big schools between the Americas and Western Africa, ambushing their prey to the shore.

Jack Crevalle can grow past 24 inches and be as heavy as 65 pounds. They occupy inshore and offshore waters following currents near depths of 1,000 feet.

Common Jacks are highly rewardable trophy fish. You might be wondering whether or not they are edible and if people eat them.

The short answer is: yes but with some proper preparation. 

Do People Eat Jack Crevalle and Is It Safe?

Jack Crevalle is an edible fish but gets often seen as a junk fish.

2 crevalle jack swimming underwater

In Florida, most fishermen catch and release for the fight. In other parts of the world, they are on the dinner menu. 

The answer to the question isn’t about where they get consumed but who is preparing them.

Eating the fish comes down to one thing; who can cook it correctly?

The blood is rushing around their body, infiltrating the meat because of how fast they swim. Eating Jack is safe if it is bled out while alive and put over ice immediately.

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