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Can You Eat Clownfish and How Does It Taste?

Clownfish are a popular fish species that typically have brightly colored stripes and live in coral reefs. Can you eat clownfish though?

clownfish orange and white stripes in coral reef

Clownfish make excellent candidates for aquarium fish keepers with their bright shades and odd behavior. Their odd and cartoon-like behavior is where they get the name clownfish.

Generally, clownfish are not considered edible for various reasons, including being small, expensive, bony, and scaly. Nevertheless, they can be consumed and bring no harm to your body if they are sufficiently cooked.

Do People Eat Clownfish and Is It Safe?

There is very little chance of intoxication or physical harm from clownfish consumption.

Amphiprion Ocellaris Clownfish

However, people who are on strict diets or have fish allergies may show effects depending on the severity of their condition.

Clownfish are not a famous delicacy in parts of the world; instead, they are popular pet fish whose stripes are a common feature in many home aquariums.

Experts believe all clownfish species are safe to consume if adequately cooked.

Nevertheless, like with most fish, the fish must be fresh when prepared and thoroughly cooked before consumption (clownfish typically turn pink when properly cooked).

What Does It Taste Like?

Assuming you were to consider eating clownfish, you will have to be inventive as there are no chef recipes for clownfish.


You may choose to microwave, boil, or steam, but the general texture suggests a subtle taste to its meat.

Can You Eat Clownfish Raw?

No! It is not advisable to eat clownfish raw as their skin contains toxins that they use to fend off their predators in their natural habitat.

It’s also recommended to cook them thoroughly by boiling, baking, or grilling if you plan to eat clownfish. 

If not adequately cooked, clownfish meat may cause respiratory problems, including severe throat irritation and difficulty breathing.

How To Cook Clownfish

There are no official recipes for clownfish, but you could cook them in several ways, including boiling, baking, and grilling.

larger female clownfish prevents dominant male from maturing

Since clownfish tend to be tasteless, it would be a good idea to add lime and grated chili to lighten the flavor.

Clownfish Recipes

As stated earlier, there are no agreed-upon recipes for cooking clownfish as it is considered pet fish. Nevertheless, you could try recipes of other common fish, only with a more significant number of fish since clownfish is among the smallest pet fish.

Is It Safe to Eat Clownfish?

Many people who consider eating clownfish wonder if they are poisonous. Clownfish is not poisonous, but its skin does contain toxins that help the fish keep its predators at bay. 

While the toxins concentration is not considered harmful, the fish may inflict severe intoxication if consumed in large amounts.

It would be wise to politely turn down when you are offered clownfish and are not confident in the level of cooking or freshness of the fish.

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