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Can You Eat Blobfish and How Does It Taste? 

Blobfish is an unusual-looking fish that people frequently name to several ugliest creature lists. This fish lives at depths below 2,000 feet of water, and the extreme pressure keeps the gelatinous fish from looking like a blob. Once they reach the surface, their gelatinous form loses shape and looks like it melted. 


The fish isn’t much of a swimmer. Instead, it floats along the sea bottom, eating anything that floats into its small mouth.

No one goes fishing intending to catch blobfish, but they occasionally end up in trawling nets trying to catch crustaceans on the ocean floor. A research group accidentally found the fish while trawling the ocean floor off of Australia.

While the fish doesn’t look appetizing, some people have tried the fish and found it to be edible.

Do People Eat Blobfish and Is It Safe?

Chefs don’t consider blobfish edible because they do not have muscles and bones like fish people commonly eat. Blobfish have gelatinous flesh, which isn’t easy to cook. The unusual flesh helps the blobfish float at the bottom of the sea, and it also helps them digest their food.

The unusual fish is a part of the sculpin family. While the sculpin fish has poisonous spikes, the blobfish does not. Sculpin is edible as long as you remove the spines. Since sculpins swim in shallower water, they can be fileted, but a blobfish cannot. 

What Does It Taste Like?

According to a fishmonger in Sydney, Australia, the fish has a sweet flavor, like a lobster tail poached in butter. Other people claim the fish tastes like white fish doused in tomato sauce. 

Can You Eat Blobfish Raw?

Most people would not find raw blobfish appetizing as the exterior body is gelatinous and acidic. The fish is not poisonous, but eating it raw would not be flavorful. 

How To Cook Blobfish

If you choose to eat blobfish, you will want to cook it well. The few people who have eaten blobfish cut away the acidic exterior skin, then sear the underlayer with a blowtorch or a hot saute pan. You could also bake a blobfish filet at 350 F for up to 20 minutes. When the meat turns white, it’s ready to eat. Poaching blobfish is another tasty option. 

Blobfish Recipes

Because blobfish aren’t common to human diets, official recipes do not exist. If you are searing your blobfish, cut a filet, coat it in flour and an egg wash, then sear it until the fish turns and the breading browns. You could also poach the fish in stock with your favorite vegetables

Is It Safe to Eat Blobfish?

Only a few people have eaten blobfish, but no one has gotten sick or died from eating the cooked fish. Overall, it is safe to eat blobfish, but you must first get past its ugly appearance and unappetizing texture. 

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