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a blob fish in front of a coral reef

Are Blobfish Endangered?

Blobfish are deep sea creatures that have been voted many times over as the world’s ugliest animal on the planet by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

a blob fish in front of a coral reef

You might be familiar with the look of this unattractive, blob-like fish that has made the rounds of the internet, but did you know that they are an endangered species?

Keep reading to learn more about the blobfish, its status as an endangered species, and what that means for its future below!

Endangered Status of Blobfish

Their endangered status is heavily debatable between scientists and experts. It is almost impossible to study them in their natural habitat since they are elusive animals.

a blubber fish or blob fish swimming underwater

As such, it is difficult to say without any doubt that they are indeed an endangered species.

However, all signs point to them being endangered. 

According to the research, an increasing number of blobfish have been found in nets used for deep-sea trawling, which indicates that human measures like deep-sea trawling and overfishing are destructive to their homeland and ecosystem. 

The bottom line is that it is tough to say for sure, but our oceans are suffering the consequences across the food chain due to overfishing, and the blobfish seems to be one of the fish species heavily affected.

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