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Top 10 Shark Movies Ever Made

Shark movies have been a popular genre for decades, with many films featuring the feared ocean predator as the main antagonist.

a shark underwater with its mouth open

From the iconic Jaws to the more recent The Meg, these movies have captivated audiences with their thrilling plots and heart-stopping action scenes.

Whether you’re a fan of horror or adventure, there’s a shark movie out there for everyone.


Jaws tells the story of a great white shark terrorizing a small beach town, and the efforts of a police chief, a marine biologist, and a shark hunter to stop it.

The film was a massive success, grossing over $470 million at the box office and earning critical acclaim. It won three Academy Awards and was nominated for Best Picture.

One of the reasons Jaws was so successful was its expert use of suspense and tension. Spielberg masterfully built up the threat of the shark, using music and camera angles to create a sense of dread.

The film’s iconic score, composed by John Williams, is still instantly recognizable today.

Jaws 2

Jaws was followed by three sequels, but only the original was directed by Steven Spielberg. Jaws 2 was actually directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

Released in 1978, Jaws 2 starred Scheider once again as Chief Brody, who must once again face off against a great white shark.

While not as critically acclaimed as the original, Jaws 2 was still a box office success.

Jaws: The Revenge

The final film in the Jaws franchise was 1987’s Jaws: The Revenge. This time, the focus was on the Brody family, as Chief Brody’s widow Ellen (played by Lorraine Gary) becomes convinced that a great white shark is seeking revenge on her family.

The film was widely panned by critics and was a box office disappointment.

Despite the mixed reception to the sequels, Jaws remains a classic of the genre. Its influence can be seen in countless shark movies that followed, and it remains a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

Modern Blockbusters

In recent years, there have been several shark movies that have made a splash at the box office.

Great white shark close up

These modern blockbusters have brought the fear of sharks back to the forefront of our minds.

The Meg

One of the biggest shark movies of recent years is “The Meg” (2018), starring Jason Statham.

The movie follows a team of scientists who discover a prehistoric megalodon shark while exploring the deep sea.

The movie features intense action scenes and impressive special effects, making it a thrilling watch for fans of the genre.

47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down” (2017) stars Mandy Moore and follows two sisters who become trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean.

The movie is a tense and claustrophobic thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The film’s use of lighting and sound design adds to the overall sense of dread and danger.

The Shallows

The Shallows” (2016) stars Blake Lively as a surfer who becomes stranded on a rock in the middle of the ocean after being attacked by a great white shark.

The movie is a survival thriller that showcases Lively’s acting skills as she fights to stay alive.

The film’s stunning cinematography and use of natural elements, such as the changing tides, make it a visually impressive watch.

Other Shark Movies Worth Watching

If you’re a fan of shark movies, there are a few other films that are definitely worth checking out.

Deep Blue Sea

Released in 1999, Deep Blue Sea is a classic shark movie that has stood the test of time. The movie follows a group of scientists who are experimenting with sharks in an underwater research facility.

When things go wrong, the sharks become smarter and more dangerous, and the scientists must fight for their lives.

Deep Blue Sea is a well-made movie that has some great scares and intense action scenes. The special effects are impressive, and the sharks are truly terrifying.

If you’re a fan of classic shark movies, this one is definitely worth watching.

Open Water

Released in 2003, Open Water is a unique and terrifying shark movie that is based on a true story.

The movie follows a couple who are left behind by their scuba diving group and end up stranded in shark-infested waters.

What makes Open Water so scary is that it feels very real. The couple is completely alone in the middle of the ocean, and there is no one to help them.

The tension builds slowly, and the sharks are always lurking just beneath the surface. If you’re looking for a shark movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Open Water is definitely worth watching.

The Reef

Released in 2010, The Reef is a tense and claustrophobic shark movie that is set in the open ocean.

The movie follows a group of friends who are stranded on a reef after their boat capsizes. As they try to make their way to safety, they realize that they are being stalked by a great white shark.

The Reef is a well-made movie that is full of tension and suspense. The shark is terrifying, and the open ocean setting adds to the sense of isolation and danger.

If you’re looking for a shark movie that is a little different from the norm, The Reef is definitely worth checking out.

Budget Shark Movies

If you’re looking for a good shark movie but don’t want to break the bank, there are some great options out there.


One of the most famous shark movies on a budget is Sharknado. Produced by The Asylum, a low-budget production company known for their “mockbusters,” Sharknado tells the story of a monstrous storm that devastates Los Angeles and causes a flood of sharks to rain down on the city.

The movie is proudly, shamelessly, and gloriously brainless, redefining “so bad it’s good” for a new generation.

The movie stars Ian Ziering as Fin Shepard, a former surfer who must save his family and friends from the shark-infested floodwaters.

Along the way, he teams up with a bartender named Nova (played by Cassie Scerbo) and a scientist named Dr. Allison (played by Tara Reid).

The movie is filled with over-the-top action sequences, cheesy special effects, and plenty of laughs.


Another great shark movie on a budget is Bait. This Australian film tells the story of a group of people who become trapped in a supermarket after a freak tsunami hits the coast.

The store begins to flood, and the survivors soon realize that they’re not alone – there are sharks swimming in the water with them.

The movie stars Xavier Samuel as Josh, a supermarket employee who must lead the survivors to safety.

The film also features Julian McMahon as Doyle, a ruthless criminal who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Bait is a tense, thrilling, and surprisingly well-made movie that proves you don’t need a big budget to make a great shark movie.

Shark Night

Released in 2011, Shark Night is a horror-thriller movie that follows a group of college students who go on a weekend trip to a lake house in Louisiana.

The trip soon turns into a nightmare when they are attacked by sharks. The movie has a PG-13 rating and is directed by David R. Ellis.

The cast includes Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, and Katharine McPhee.

Ghost Shark

Ghost Shark is a 2013 horror movie that tells the story of a great white shark that comes back from the dead as a ghost to seek revenge on the people who killed it.

The movie has a TV-14 rating and is directed by Griff Furst. The cast includes Mackenzie Rosman, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, and Richard Moll.

Both Shark Night and Ghost Shark are entertaining movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

While they may not be the most realistic portrayals of sharks, they are still enjoyable to watch if you’re a fan of horror movies.



      • Jaws 3 is the water park and not on the list.
        Jaws 2 is the sail boat grad party.

        JAWS is a perfect movie. Not just a shark movie.

        Halle Berry is panned for Dark Tide but it more than deserves to be in the lower level part of this list.

  • Can’t wa8t for Meg 2.! The first was brilliant…emotional upsets the right sense and amt of humor…the special effects…Jonas and Meihing perfect as is her Mommy….Didn’t like the Wall being shark victim but oh well….Toshiba n the wall octopus shake funny as heck…Pippin lolololol glad Meg spared dog or another pissed off moment…Not since Jaws has their been a shark fo scare me to death. The sounds it’s size and whoever created it grrs a 10 it’s face and mouth scared me enough that I just bought it thru Vudu. The casting brilliant…Forget Jaws 2 boring boring…Jaws the Revenge works as they kept Elken Brody alive with hdf maternal instincts on shark and Lance Guest ex Jimmg from Halloween 2 brought it home as well as Caine and Whitfield who played a rape victim in Miami Vice. I am sure Meg 2 won’t disappoint as some of the cast is back even DJ who can’t swim. Meihing is a riot hops she’s coming back what a great treat watching her. Kudos to The Meg..Deep Blue Sea and Open Water 3 is all worth watching of course the original Jaws….all the other shark movies and seen all on Tubi Roku Vudu….worthless waste of time like Halloween 4 and 5 JUST plain dumb. Thank you to cast of Meg finally Jaws has come home!

  • Missed ’12 days of Terror’ which is about the shark attacks of 1916 which inspired Jaws and got a brief mention in Jaws.

  • I’ve watched and enjoyed all of the films apart from ghost shark as I’ve yet to watch it but there is one missing from the jaws films and that’s jaws 3 in 3D

  • My favorite shark movies are ” house shark and cornfield sharks that is a true story in Georgia.