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US Woman Killed in Shark Attack in Bahamas

a person holding a shark on the beach

An American woman in her 40s from Boston died after being attacked by a shark while paddleboarding in the Bahamas. The incident occurred near a resort in western New Providence when she was with a male relative. A lifeguard came to their rescue after the attack. Despite receiving CPR, the woman couldn’t survive due to severe injuries to her right side, including her right hip and upper limb, and was declared dead at the scene.

Fatal shark attacks in the Bahamas are rare, but there have been at least two other reported instances in recent times. In November, a 47-year-old German woman went missing during a diving excursion off West End, Grand Bahama, after encountering a shark. In September 2022, a 58-year-old American woman was killed in a shark attack while snorkeling with her family in the waters of New Providence.

Various shark species can be found in the Bahamas, such as the Caribbean reef shark, bull shark, tiger shark, and blacktip shark. Determining the type of shark involved in an attack can be difficult. The number of unprovoked shark bites in the region has been relatively low, but caution is always advised for tourists engaging in water activities. The authorities and emergency medical technicians continually work to ensure the safety of visitors coming to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas.

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