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Sharks Are Swarming Donald Trump’s Hotel

Reports have emerged of multiple shark sightings near Donald Trump’s hotel on a Hawaiian island. Sharks were spotted swimming off Waikiki Beach, with one reportedly seen eating a turtle off nearby Ala Moana Beach Park. The Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach is located “steps away” from Waikiki Beach, making the sightings particularly concerning.

a shoal of sharks in the ocean

The most recent sightings have not yet been officially confirmed, but warning signs about sharks in the shallow waters near the beach have been erected. October has been dubbed locally as “shark-tober” due to the increased number of sightings and encounters in the month, with an annual spike in incidents during this time. According to local reports, there have been more than a dozen recorded shark sightings this October near Honolulu.

These sightings could be seen as a foreboding metaphor for the former president, who is currently facing a number of legal challenges. Trump is battling several criminal cases and is also facing the threat of being removed from the ballot in two states over his alleged involvement in the January 6 uprising. Despite denying any wrongdoing, at least one of the cases is expected to go to the U.S. Supreme Court for a final ruling.

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