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Mind-Blowing Fish With Spines and Tentacles Discovered in the Pacific Ocean

a scorpionfish underwater

Researchers have discovered a new species of scorpionfish in the western Pacific Ocean, near Japan and the Philippines. The new species, named Neomerinthe ignea, is also known as the Pacific-flame Scorpionfish. It was previously confused with another similar species of Neomerinthe. The study was published in the journal Ichthyological Research.

Neomerinthe species are typically found in tropical and temperate Indo-Pacific waters. The new species is distinguished from others by its unique spines and scales. It was named after its “fiery” color, which is bright orange to reddish white with black blotches on its body. Its eyes have a black pupil and its irises are mottled with black and yellow bars radiating from the center. The new species has tentacles covering its body, with especially dense areas on the side of its body near its head and associated with its spines. The tentacles range in size from “large” to “minute.”

a new species of scorpionfish discovered
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The researchers collected 38 specimens of the “small” fish, which range in length from about 1.5 inches to about 3.5 inches. The Pacific-flame Scorpionfish has a “steep” snout, compressed body, and “large” mouth filled with short, pointy teeth. The new species is distinguished by the 12 spines on its dorsal-fins, its 24 vertebrae, and its unique scales and teeth.

The new species of scorpionfish is found in the deep-sea depths of the Pacific Ocean. It is a deep-sea creature that is found mating near mountain streams. Its body and tentacle color are fiery, which led to its name. The Latin word for “fiery” is ignea, which is why the new species was named Neomerinthe ignea.

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