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Extremely Rare Half-Male, Half-Female Lobster Caught in Maine

a closeup of a spiny lobster's face

Maine lobsterman Jacob Knowles, who enjoys a following of two million on TikTok, recently shared a video featuring an extraordinary lobster he caught, which has now gone viral. The lobster exhibits a unique 50-50 split, with one blue, male half and the other half exhibiting normal colors and being female. This phenomenon, known as gynandromorphy, results in a half-male, half-female creature.

In the video, Knowles showcases the lobster, highlighting its fascinating features. Enthusiastic viewers took part in an online poll to name the crustacean, ultimately choosing the name Bowie, after David Bowie.

Bowie, now a beloved pet, has a donated cage from a local Maine trap manufacturer as its home. Knowles is particularly interested in observing whether the female side of the lobster will be able to produce eggs over time.

The unusual discovery has garnered widespread attention, with people eagerly awaiting updates on Bowie’s developments.

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