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Can You Eat Snook and How Does It Taste? 

Distinguished by their yellow-tinted fins and tapered head, the meaty snook is a sought-after delicacy by those in the know. These salty water fish are the only ones in the Centropomidae family, with only 12 known species, 5 of which reside in U.S. waters. Can you eat snook?

snook fish

Snooks differ when it comes to their scale sizes and also their overall size. The average size of a snook is approximately 1 foot and 5-10 pounds. However, these species can grow up to 4 feet and weigh up to 50 lbs. and beyond.

The main snook that attracts most anglers is the Common Snook, also commonly known as the Sergeant Fish or the Robalo. It is the most popular species because of its size since it is the largest in the snook family.

If you’ve been having questions about whether you can eat snook, this guide is for you. Please keep reading to learn more about this fish, its taste, and how it gets prepared.

Do People Eat Snook and Is It Safe?

Yes, people can eat snook without a problem. Many individuals consider snooks as one of their favorite meals (seafood) to eat.

Snook on ice in fish market

They are an incredible species; in fact, snooks received the designation in 1957 as game fish as a result of overfishing.

Due to their delicious white meat and strong fighting abilities, these species are highly sought game fish. They are so delicious to eat and fun to harvest, but there are prohibitions and catch restrictions that need to get taken into consideration.

It is indeed safe to consume a snook. This species is a popular meal on the South African Cape Coast. Individuals cook it along the shore and accompany it with a green salad.

What Does It Taste Like?

A snook is commonly referred to as a mild-tasting type of table fish due to its white, firm, and solid flesh. This fish feeds on smaller fish and crustaceans, making it a nutritious food source.

Snook fillet with epazote cream

To enjoy the best snook experience, it is always advisable to grill the fish by incorporating black pepper, garlic, and little olive oil to bring out the best flavor.

Can You Eat Snook Raw?

Yes, you can eat it raw, but why would you want to eat it uncooked? This fish is not the best for sushi due to their mild fishy flavor, very high levels of mercury, and consistency.

However, this type of fish is excellent when you prepare it as ceviche.

How To Cook Snook

Snook is a nutritious lean protein that works well for individuals seeking a low-fat fish dish. This species is best charred using a hot pan to lock in the freshness of the fish’s flavor.

cooked snook fillet

You can also grill the fish in fillet pieces.

Grilled snook is one of the best-tasting fish that anyone can have. The oil and black pepper combo is exquisite and also easy to prepare. Grill the fish for about 10 minutes on both sides. You can add lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, or spices.

Snook Recipes

Snook is an excellent fish to prepare fillets, and you can cook it differently.

If you love a simple yet healthy dish, feel free to check out this Baked Snook Recipe.

On the other hand, if you love a more delicate meal and want a meal that will impress your guests, you need to make this Pan Fried Snook with Coconut Broth.

Is It Safe To Eat Snook?

Yes, snooks are a safe food for human consumption. They are an excellent source of lean protein, and they are also a very nutritious meal option.

whole snook

However, to ensure that you enjoy this fish as you wish, it is better to remove the skin first. The skin brings an unpleasant soapy taste which has made snook receive the “soap fish” nickname. 

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