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Can You Eat Seahorse and How Does It Taste? 

One of the most mysterious creatures in the sea is the seahorse. They have a majestic look, and watching them swim can be mesmerizing since they don’t move like regular fish.

Grilled seahorse

With many varieties ranging from one inch to over a foot in length, they are a staple in many large aquariums.

Many people have wondered if it is possible to eat a seahorse since it isn’t found on a typical seafood menu. Seahorses are safe for consumption by humans, though the flavor is not memorable enough to make them widespread.

Do People Eat Seahorse and Is It Safe?

Americans do not usually eat seahorse because they feel like they are friendly creatures they’ve been amazed by since childhood.

fried seahorses

However, in authentic Chinese cuisine, a seahorse is a common delicacy. They do not have any toxic areas of their body as some fish do, so eating them should not harm you.

However, a seahorse is a bony creature. There is very little meat inside the exoskeleton. Most places will serve them as an appetizer since it would take a lot of them to make a meal.

What Does It Taste Like?

Seahorses live in salt water and have a diet consisting mostly of the plants that grow there. That results in their flesh tasting salty, with a rubbery consistency like a squid.

Since there is very little nutritional value to a seahorse, they are usually caught for medicinal purposes. Some cultures believe they can be used to cure infertility, baldness, and asthma.

Can You Eat Seahorse Raw?

Fried seahorses on sticks

There is no reason to think it isn’t possible to eat a seahorse raw. Though the places in the world that tend to eat them do not prepare them that way. They are typically fried, which cooks them very quickly.

How To Cook Seahorse

The most common way to cook a seahorse is to season it and place it in a pot of oil to deep fry. If fried long enough, seahorse will taste a lot like pork skins and can be a crunchy snack.

In Asian countries, seahorse is fried and served as street food. The seahorse is usually placed on a skewer and served whole.

Seahorse Recipes

Here are some recipes that use seahorse that have become popular in some parts of the world.

Seahorse Challenge

This cocktail is strong and goes best with a meal of seafood. It contains a whole seahorse, Rum Bundaberg, and lemon juice.

Seahorse, Sea Dragon, and Chuan Bei Soup

Since a seahorse does not provide much meat, it is a common ingredient in stocks and soups. This soup combines seahorse with flavors like coconut, almonds, and figs to create a Chinese delicacy.

Is It Safe to Eat Seahorse?

It is safe to eat seahorse, though most Americans do not do it. In other parts of the world where the animal is more plentiful, seahorse is considered a treat. Most people who try it are not overly impressed by the flavor, considering there is not much meat and almost no nutritional value.

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