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Can You Eat Dogfish and How Does It Taste?

Dogfish belong to the shark species in the Squalidae family. Their name comes from their dog-like tenacity, group feeding, and aggressive hunting behavior.

spiny dogfish shark

Dogfish prefer shallow coastal habitats, although they have been found to exist in depths reaching 3,000 ft below sea level.

Dogfish is not among the most popular seafood in the U.S., but it’s indeed edible and has an acclaimed taste in the seafood world. There are two dogfish varieties; the spiny dogfish and the smooth dogfish.

The spiny dogfish features sharp venomous spines, which can inflict severe injuries to its predators. On the other hand, smooth dogfish pose no significant danger to fishermen.

Do People Eat Dogfish and Is It Safe?

Yes, a lot of people eat dogfish. Besides being a great source of Omega 3, dogfish are delicious and one of the world’s most abundant species of fish.

Commonly available as snow fillets, dogfish meat is white and flaky.

Dogfish is not poisonous; it’s a great source of essential oils and nutrients.

Among other places across the globe, New England boasts a healthy demand for dogfish, with most seafood chefs working on dogfish recipes that are great alternatives to other fish species.

What Does It Taste Like?

Dogfish meat is quite similar to white fish meat in flavor, but unlike most common fish meat recipes, it features a tender texture with a subtly sweet taste.

dogfish fillets

Some consumers describe the taste as slightly earthy with a hint of saltiness.

Sauces and accompaniments such as lemon-butter sauce and salsa commonly get used to enhance their subtle flavor.

Can You Eat Dogfish Raw?

While it can also be eaten raw, there are better options than dogfish to consume raw. Due to its subtle flavor, it’s best to serve it cooked.

While it makes for a tasty and healthy dish when appropriately prepared, dogfish, like most fish, poses a risk to public health if consumed raw.

raw dogfish

How To Cook Dogfish

There a number of ways to cook dogfish and eat it. Most popular ways are grilling, fried and baked.

Before switching your cooker on, remove the head and internal organs and skin your dogfish.

The most efficient way to skin a dogfish is to split it down the middle and scrub the scales from its skin using a sharp knife.

After the scales come off, you can cut your meat into your desired sizes and place it in boiling water for easy peeling.

To cook dogfish in an oven, place your skinned dogfish in a casserole dish and pour some tomato paste and cooking oil.

Depending on your flavor preferences, add parsley and garlic and marinate accordingly to complement the subtle dogfish meat flavor. Cook for 30-35 minutes in the oven and serve hot with accompaniments such as salsa.

fried dogfish

Dogfish Recipes

There are dozens of dogfish recipes out there. The most popular are fried dogfish, cocktail, and baked dogfish recipes.

A favorite among most dogfish meat consumers is sun-dried strips of dogfish, served with lemon-butter sauce and several large wrinkly potatoes.

Is It Safe to Eat Dogfish?

Dogfish is not just safe to eat -it’s a great source of healthy proteins and essential oils. What’s more, there are plenty of ways to prepare this delicacy and enjoy it with your loved ones. 

Despite its reputation as a venomous and aggressive fish, dogfish is an excellent food you could easily accommodate in your daily, weekly, or monthly diet.

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