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Where is the Wettest Place on Earth?

There are many wet places in the world, and while smart people might simply say ‘the ocean’ the wettest place on land is a little harder to pin down.

There are many places that believe they are extremely wet, and certain parts of the world, such as Britain, are famed for their lousy weather and constant rainfall.

However the wettest places in the world are actually tropical or subtropical regions, and the most rained on of them all is a place called Mawsynram in northeastern India, a place that receives 11872 mm of rainfall a year on average, or 467 inches!

Is there a place on earth where it never rains?

Many people would think of the desert or death valley as the answer to this question, but the answer may again surprise you.

The driest place on Earth is actually Antarctica, in an area known as the Dry Valleys which have not experienced rainfall for 2 million years. There is no precipitation in this area at all and it has almost no water of any kind, no water, ice, or snow in a huge area.

Which country rains most?

The country with the most rainfall in the world is Colombia, with Sao Tome and Principe coming behind it, followed by Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

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